#StackBounty: #software-development #user-interface What tools can be used in an iterative software development life cycle?

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I am aware about the iterative model of software development life cycles. However, I have been Googling around and trying to find out more about various of tools that can be used in a software development project. All of this, of course, taking into the equation (i.e. consideration), along the way, in each stage, three variables: usability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Also, can a tool be used in every stage?

Source: https://airbrake.io/blog/sdlc/iterative-model

The phases:

  1. Planning & Requirements
  2. Analysis & Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Testing
  5. Evaluation

Looking forward to reading a good answer! I have been reading some on the subject and googling around. But I thought I ask here. Maybe other folks know more and even know various of tools.

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