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I am gamer/programmer on Windows 10 64 bit Pro edition who plays/works at 1920 x 1080 resolution with the need to minimize my game to get to windows which is running at the same resolution. I am using 2 insignia monitors in ‘Duplicate’ mode with a GTX 970 Nvidia Graphics GPU

The issue I am having is that my monitors are receiving a resolution switch signal each time I make the switch from game to desktop or vice versa, despite that the game is played in 1080p and that the desktop resolution is also 1080p.

To understand this further you should understand that when I normally change resolutions in Windows, my TV produces an OSD showing which resolution is in effect. While this is considered normal behavior for the TVs that I am using while switching resolutions are waking from sleep, it is not normal when the resolution is not actually changing and that the devices are already on. Here is a shot of the OSD that pops up when I switch to game in the same resolution as the desktop:

enter image description here

After doing some testing I came to realize that the issue does not happen on either monitor when only one monitor is selected in the display settings (either when PC screen Only or Secondary screen only are selected). If Duplicate mode is enabled the issue is persistent.

enter image description here

So what I would like to understand (and correct if possible), is how Windows 10 and my GPU are handling the different monitor setups. There must be some technical explanation for why my hardware (monitors) are behaving differently in these different Windows monitor modes.
I would like to keep Duplicate mode enabled so I dont have to constantly switch between setups to accommodate this issue.

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