#StackBounty: #windows-server-2012-r2 #replication #dfs #dfs-r Dfsr – replicatedFolderinfo state 3 (in recovery) progression

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I have a DFS Namespace currently in auto-recovery due to an unexpected server crash. There’s about 600GB of data and it’s consisting of small files for the most part.

It’s been in auto-recovery for over 72 hours now.

I can run Get-WmiObject -computername computername -Namespace "rootMicrosoftDFS" -Query "SELECT * FROM DfsrReplicatedFolderInfo"

To confirm that it is in State 3, which correspond to being in auto-recovery mode and also confirm that there’s enough CPU, network and disk usage by the dsfrs.exe to know that it’s doing “something”.

Is there any way to get some sort of idea as to when it might complete and how much work there’s still left to do either in time or a percentage of completion?

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