#StackBounty: #xfce #xubuntu Why can I sometimes click on the edges of a maximized window?

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I apologize if this question is vague. I’ve seen this oddity vary not just between programs, but between Firefox profiles, so I’m understandably quite confused and have no idea how to give replication steps.

My issue is that that some of my maximized windows are behaving differently from others. In some, they work just how I’d expect and their content takes up all of my screen except for the panel, meaning that they have no “edge” from which I could resize them without unmaximizing. In other maximized windows, I can move my cursor to any of their edges and I will discover that my cursor is truly on an edge and therefore I’m capable of resizing a window that claims to be maximized. Stranger still, I’ve discovered that RStudio has this issue on all of its edges except for its right one.

Why does this inconsistency exist? It’s causing some very annoying behavior. For example, if my cursor is in the wrong place while I’m trying to use it to scroll up my maximized text editor of choice (Geany), I sometimes end up resizing the window and ending up in a completely unintended place.

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