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I’m dealing with an issue where two or more people are not able to work in a modern list at the same time. The SPO list that I’m working with has a few text fields, one choice field, one date field, and is filled with a few hundred rows.

If a user is editing an item (ID=111) and another user goes into the list and updates and saves a different item (ID=222), the fist user has their choice field selection reset to the default value.

Steps to reproduce
Create new Team Site
Create a list (modern exp.)
Add a choice column
Add some choices
Add several items to the list

Open two browser sessions
Browser 1: edit a list item and select a choice value (don’t save)
Browser 2: edit a different item, select a choice value and save your changes

Result (wait ~30 seconds)
Browser 1: selected choice value is reset before the user has a chance to save

Is there anything that can be done to fix this or is reverting to classic SharePoint or creating a PowerApp the only option?

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