#StackBounty: #memory-leaks #adobe-creative-cloud Memory leak in Creative Cloud.exe

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I have a problem that I’m unsuccessfully trying to resolve with Adobe support (Seniors and Leads) for over a month now.

On a DELL Presicion desktop workstation, after installing the current version of Creative Cloud on a freshly installed Windows 10 with current updates, Creative Cloud.exe starts and within tens of seconds, eats all 16GB of my RAM. To the point that applications crash and even graphical drivers need reloading. All I can do is to shoot down the process before the system becomes unresponsive.

Yes, we tried installing CC in several ways, both with the online-dowloading installer as well as with the offline installer.

I had a clue that this could be tied to my system being 7 years old, although it would be a surprise considering that it was still powerful enough and was running CC for years. After a month spent on support calls from Adobe without any result, I finally got a new Precision today. Note that this is an ISV-certified workstation designed to work with Adobe products. You guessed right – on a fresh installation of Windows, completely the same problem.

Did anyone else had a problem like this? I really don’t know what else to do… needless to say that having this problem for over a month has an impact on me being able to do my job.

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