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I have KVM installed and running [a couple of VMs] on a Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) host.
The bridge interface of KVM is br0, configured like:

auto br0
iface br0 inet static
      bridge_ports p1p1
      bridge_stp off
      bridge_maxwait 0
      bridge_fd 0

I installed lxc and spun up a few containers. Now I am confused about how to configure
networking for the LXC bridge (lxcbr0) so that the VMs and containers can talk to each

I cannot make br0 the bridge_port for lxcbr0 as it errors
can't enslave a bridge device to a bridge device
I can’t add the interface p1p1 – that would throw p1p1 is already a member of a bridge

Any help/hints much appreciated.

Any static route if I can add specifically for the container IP, that is also fine.


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