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How to recompile the file type of CPIO-archive (application/x-cpio)

[ I have raised the same Question at Super User and bountied
https://superuser.com/q/1556241/976939 ]

I am able to unpack its contents with below command.

unmkinitramfs initrd .

But not able to recompile.

How can I Achieve this?

Output after running the command as suggested in the comments..

~/test$ ls
~/test$ unmkinitramfs initrd .
~/test$ ls
early  early2  initrd  main
~/test$ rm initrd 
~/test$ find . | cpio -oH | gzip > ../newinitramfs
cpio: option requires an argument -- 'H'
Try 'cpio --help' or 'cpio --usage' for more information.

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