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I’m needing a 5G nsa card for my laptop no larger than 42mm×30mm.
The only one I found is the MV31‑W from Gemalto (the manufacturer). But there are maybe other options.

After a call to Gemalto, the representative told me that I would be able to receive voice calls despite the card being data only. I insisted that I was meaning phone calls using the phone number which belongs to the sim card which would be put inside the device and not skype or even sip techniques. He repeated that this was possible without third party hardware. Without (me) understanding whether the card fully behaves like a plain network card.

In theory, it should be possible to do what I want through software since the sim card and the device performs the required authentication on mobile networks already since it has to be done only one time for both voice and data.
Or maybe the reason is since Vollte is completely ip‑based that it can be done without hardware after all (I’ve no idea)…

Having never used a hardware phone before, I don’t have a real idea on what to do even in the case the card would support things like ᴠoʟᴛᴇ or ᴄꜱꜰʙ other than Windows would provide what’s needed without further configuration and that I should be able to configure Asterisk on other systems (as a sip gateway to the card not as a standalone server).

But how to configure Windows or Asterisks in order to perform phone calls when the mobile broadband card is data‑only ?

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