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When encoding special chars to HEX for barcodes, I can encode the CRLF with the 0x0D and 0x0A.
So giving the string USER01 the result is 555345523031. When adding 0D0A and converting the this 5553455230310D0A to a barcode, a scanner can read this and print USER01 and a new line to a texteditor or word. For tab the ASCII char is 0x09, so the goal was to encode <username><tab>password><cr><lf>, scan this while focusing the user input field, so chrome would jump at into the password field, type it in and “hit” enter. As I tried, the CR without LF does NOT work. So when using this approach in chrome, the result was that the username was typed into the user field, as expected, but then only a single blank space followed by the password and a new tab with “download”.

So my question is: How can I encode a tab char, so that when a scanner reads it, this tab is executed and the cursor jumps to the next field, like when you manually hit the tab key?

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