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A mix of Roman, Greek, and single letter index entries

I am typing my thesis and have a mix of regular words, mathematics using greek symbols, and the occasional one letter word (such as the programming language C), and I noticed that my system for ensuring these are sorted correctly has fallen short.

An example of the problem

Notice where the $chi^2$ appears in the index:

enter image description here

whereas what I am after is

enter image description here

My current system

  1. If a regular roman word then just use index as intended such as index{Something}, including for single letter words such as index{C} or index{R}.
  2. If there is a roman letter which I want to come first but in math mode then I use a single underscore, such as index{p_value@{$p$-value}} or index{t_distribution@{$t$-distribution}}. The underscore ensures these appear first in their sort field.
  3. If there is a leading greek mathematical letter then I want this to appear before the roman entries, so I use a double underscore such as index{d_delta_function@{$delta$-function}}.

Where possible I try and use a leading textual entry and so would use Dirac-$delta$ function over $delta$-function. However, I would use the greek symbols in preference to the greek letter spelt out, and so would use $beta$-radiation rather than beta-radiation.

One workaround

I notice that if I write Cindex{C@{C}} rather than Cindex{C} then the sorting appears to be better, but I haven’t tested this fully and it smells like a bad practice. I have also in the past accidentally duplicated many index entries by having a trailing space such as index{Something } which is a pain to debug, so am apprehensive about encouraging that I add one or two trailing spaces to every index.

How can I get the desired sorting, and how should I revise my indexing system for future documents?


index{d_delta_function@{$ delta $-function}|see {Dirac-$ delta $ function}}

The Cindex{C} 
%Cindex{C@{C}} % <-- This gives better sorting. 
language is great, and C++index{C++} is okay, as too is $ C $#index{C_sharp@{C#}}, but if you want to compute a $ p $-valueindex{p_value@{$ p $-value}} for a Gaussian random variable with inverse cumulative distribution function $ Phi^{-1} $index{p__phi_inverse@{$ Phi^{-1} $}} then you may encounter difficulties with the probability densityindex{Probability density} if it tends to a Dirac-$ delta $index{Dirac_delta_function@{Dirac-$ delta $ function}} function. 

This becomes worse if you want to handle a $ chi^2 $-distributionindex{C@{$ chi^2 $-distribution}}


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