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I’m looking for a way to capture the real mouse input in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine, so that I can play First Person Shooting games. I’m experiencing a problem where I am spinning around in circles. starting at the floor in games. Any mouse moments I make just makes me spin. I thought maybe it was an issue with my mouse sensitivity, but it wasn’t, I continue to spin regardless of what my sensitivity is set too.

I had a read of this forum post and it told me that the VM is not capturing the real mouse input

First of all, the mouse sync driver is primarily designed for you to being able to move your mouse from your host system to the guest system window without having to manually grab the window. It actually ‘detects’ whether the host mouse cursor is moving on the VM’s screen. This mouse is actually not the real mouse cursor, but it’s actually processed by the host system virtual machine to make mouse movement smoother. The sync driver/service just passed the movements to the real vm, but the real vm cursor is actually not there

How can I capture the real mouse input in VM?

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