#StackBounty: #thunderbird #spell-checking Thunderbird spellcheck sometimes does not work when replying to message

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I am using automatic spellcheck in Thunderbird (misspelled words are automatically underlined).

This works reliably when I create a new empty message.

But when I am composing a reply message (either by clicking on “reply” or “reply all”), sometimes spellcheck works and sometimes it doesn’t.

By “it doesn’t work”, I mean that not only is it not automatically enabled, but there is no way to activate spellcheck that i could find.

I suspect this might have to do with the encoding of the original (quoted) message. But I was not able to confirm this.

Is this behavior a bug?
Can it be fixed ?

I would like to have spellcheck enabled, every time I write a message, regardless whether it is new message or reply.

I am using Thunderbird 68.8 on Debian Buster.

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