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I have a VMWare Workstation virtual machine that seems to only boot into Ubuntu / Grub when you do a boot from firmware.

If I start the VM normal (not booting to firmware first), it will boot into a Grub prompt (recovery?).

Grub Prompt

If I use the boot menu and select the EFI boot option (Ubuntu) or I choose "boot normally", it will boot to the grub screen that boots the OS.

Boot Menu

Grub Boot Menu

I am using EFI boot. Here is the EFI boot setting.

EFI Settings

What am I doing wrong? I have tried installing boot-repair on the Ubuntu os and it says it is successful. I have also tried removing all boot options, manually adding boot options (I have tried nearly every .efi option under EFI, and I have also tried letting boot-repair add the EFI option. Of course, I can boot into the OS using the boot menu but I would like to not do that.

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