#StackBounty: #email #postfix #logging #log-files Postfix not printing all the status=sent logs in /var/log/maillog?

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We have configured a postfix mail server, it takes email IDs from a CSV file, which has 13,500 recipients. The email is sent to all the recipients at a time, but in /var/log/maillog we only get around 5500-7500 entries of delivery status status= daily, most of these(almost all) are status=sent.
We have NOT used a remote syslog, the logs are printing in the same box.

Is it the normal behavior of postfix? Means any time limit or some other limit? If yes, how to get all the logs?
OR Are we missing something?

Update: As per queries in a comment from @digijay
Did you also check for status=deferred and status=bounced?
Yes, sometimes we got these status also

Anything in mailq at the end of the day?

Also, are you sure your script that sends the mails works correctly?
Yes, it is working properly.

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