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I have an URL like this one for an article with a good traffic.


Now I want to update the content to 2020. I have made the mistake of having the year in slug for the first edition.

What is my best option:

  1. Just change the URL and text from example.com/best-x-for-2019 to website.com/best-x-for-2020
  2. Maintain the example.com/best-x-for-2019 and add link to a new URL example.com/best-x-for-2020 and have a new indexed page for each year
  3. Other?

The content will be updated every year. It will be mainly about prices or some details. Lets say 30% of the content will be new/rewritten.

The point of maintain the same URL is the content be about 2020 and the URL have the 2019 reference. And next year, 2021 and the URL 2019 and so on.

My concern here is just about SEO / SERP.

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