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we have a multi brand shop with 60K+ of products.

Every brand has it’s own way of dimensions.
Which results in an attribute list of 500+ entries.
Attribute: POS-size

Here is a screenshot of this:
enter image description here

But this list is to big to use for a filter on front-end.
Thats why we have added an extra attribute for this. To simplify all these sizes.
This attribute is: size-frontend

Here is a screenshot:
enter image description here

After I have made new products (added via a POS system) I have to manually update the simple product with the size-frontend attribute.

Some examples:
Pos-size -> size-frontend
50 -> 50
50/56 -> 50 & 56
56 -> 56
56/62 -> 56 & 62
56-62 -> 56 & 62

This costs a lot of time, and I think think this could be done automatically (through a script or an extension) after making some kind of conversion table.
And it should also be able to give an starting product-id, from where it should start.

Does anyone know how to do this? Or know an extension which can do this?

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