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Before anything, this is not (as far as I could search) a duplicate.

I enabled GOA for my Google account and enabled Files, so my account showed up in Nautilus under my computer just fine. To my surprise I also have Thunar file manager and it showed up there too. Great!

Now I was wondering if I could access it using the terminal, or Terminator or whatever terminal emulator I have installed. Following some recommendations I found online, since this is a Gnome Virtual File System (GVFS) I listed the contents of my gvfs location like below:

ls "$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"/gvfs/google-drive:host=gmail.com,user=username

And it showed (apparently) my files and folders but in a somewhat decoded format, like below:

ls "$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"/gvfs/google-drive:host=gmail.com,user=username
0B2f4njx3e-blablalba    0B2f4njx3e-blablalbe
0B2f4njx3e-blablalbi    0B2f4njx3e-blablalbo

So, I thought the native gvfs tools could, maybe decode that on the fly, so I tried the below which showed a similar output:

$ gvfs-ls google-drive://username@gmail.com/

Well, has anyone seen that before? And could anyone make it work?

I know there is a FUSE-like driver by some enthusiast that apparently works and I will totally try it if this native one doesn’t work, but I wanted to be able to be sure there is no way to make it work with native software.

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