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I having around 500 excel sheets in .csv format with data captured for my experiment having following columns in place.

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Now I need to calculate the following parameters using this data. I have done these in excel, however doing this repeatedly for each excel so many times is difficult, so I want to write an SQL query in PhpmyAdmin will help some time.

  1. Last charecter typed – need to capture last charecter from the column ‘CharSq’
  2. *Slope (in column J) =(B3-B2)/(A3-A2)
  3. Intercept (in column K) =B2-(A2*(J3))
  4. Angle (in degrees) =MOD(DEGREES(ATAN2((A3-A2),(B3-B2))), 360) –
  5. Index of Difficulty =LOG(((E1/7.1)+1),2)
  6. Speed Value length (if speed value length >3, then mark as 1 or else 0) = =IF(LEN(D3) >= 3, "1","0")
  7. Wrong Sequence (if I3=I2,then mark search time, else actual time) =IF(I3=I2,"Search Time","Actual Time")
  8. Mark charecter into (1,2,3) = =IF(I2="A",1, IF(I2="B",2, IF(I2="C",3, 0)))
    enter image description here

I have started with this SQL query SELECT id, type, charSq, substr(charSq,-1,1) AS TypedChar, xCoordinate, yCoordinate, angle, distance, timestamp, speed FROM table 1 WHERE 1

Need help for the rest of the parameters. Thanks.

Note – I am going to run this in phpMyAdmin SQL

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