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My problem is that I have some plugin files inside a folder ".lib" that I need to read in my script, I keep getting errors because the script can’t find the ".lib" folder.
Apparently unity hides folders that starts with a dot.
is there a way around this ?.

Edit :
I’m running a python script using ironpyton, I got some packages in the project, the error happens when it gets to import ‘python package name’ in the python script, due to the missing folder, I can clearly see the folder ‘.lib’ in the file explorer but completely invisible in the project. to clarify things I didn’t set the path manually, one of the python packages causes this error when it can’t find the folder.

the error I got in the console :

OSException: cannot load library C:UsersSaiDocumentsWorkUnityUnity-Python-Demo-masterAssetsStreamingAssetsLibsite-packagesnumpy.libslibopenblas.SVHFG5YE3RK3Z27NVFUDAPL2O3W6IMXW.gfortran-win32.dll

This is my code :

        var engine = Python.CreateEngine();
        ICollection<string> searchPaths = engine.GetSearchPaths();
        searchPaths.Add(Application.dataPath + @"StreamingAssets" + @"Lib");
        searchPaths.Add(Application.dataPath + @"StreamingAssets" + @"Libsite-packages");
        dynamic py = engine.ExecuteFile(Application.dataPath + @"StreamingAssets" + @"Pythonpt.py");
        test = py.CTScan("Codemaker"); //"Codemaker"

My python script :

from time import sleep
from System.Collections.Generic import *

import scipy

class CTScan():
    COLORS = {
        "sick": "rgb(176,55,55)",
        "healthy": "rgb(128,128,128)"

    OPACITY = {
        "sick": 0.3,
        "healthy": 0.2

Folder is visible in the file explorer

Same folder not visible from inside the project

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