#StackBounty: #lubuntu #display #brightness #redshift #f.lux F.lux or redshift and lubuntu issues

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I’m a noob. Putting this out there right away. Using Lubuntu 19

I want a blue light filter. So I’ve installed f.lux, but when I adjusted the brightness on my laptop it toggles or flashes between the screen without f.lux and then back to f.lux as I increased or lowered brightness. So I uninstalled f.lux and reinstalled it. Now it doesn’t work at all.

As for Redshift, when I change the brightness it automatically just switches back to the brightness level that redshift has assigned. This is quite different then how it acts on other operating systems where you can lower or increase the brightness yet keep the effect of redshift–which is all I want. Can anyone help, or should I just install Ubuntu?

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