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I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 16" that has four thunderbolt 3 ports. Currently I have three cheap-o USB C to HDMI adapters that work well, but I feel like there is a drag on my system resources.

My question: is there an adapter that is preferred to allow the native Thunderbolt -> HDMI to pass through? I am fairly certain that those $20 dongles from Amazon are using the CPU in order to do the display output (are these considered active?).

According to the Thunderbolt website https://thunderbolttechnology.net/tech/faq, Thunderbolt natively supports Display Port. If I were to get a passive Thunderbolt 3 cable to Display Port, then get a DisplayPort to HDMI converter (my monitor doesn’t have Display Port) would this work without taxing the CPU?

Thanks in advance!

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