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I have a dataset with several columns.
Now what I want is to basically calculate score based on a particular column ("name") but grouped on the "id" column.

         _id      fName        lName    age
0       ABCD     Andrew       Schulz    
1       ABCD    Andreww                  23
2       DEFG       John          boy
3       DEFG      Johnn          boy     14
4       CDGH        Bob        TANNA     13

So what I am looking is whether for the same id, I am getting similar entries, so I can remove those entries based on a threshold score values. Like here if i run it for col "fName". I should be able to reduce this dataframe to based on a score threshold:

         _id      fName        lName   age
0       ABCD     Andrew       Schulz    23
2       DEFG       John          boy    14
4       CDGH        Bob        TANNA    13

I intend to use pyjarowinkler.
If I had two independent columns (without all the group by stuff) to check, this is how I use it.

    df['score'] = [distance.get_jaro_distance(x, y) for x, y in zip(df['name_1'],df['name_2'])]
    df = df[df['score'] > 0.87]

Can someone suggest a pythonic and fast way of doing this
So, I have tried using record linkage library for this. And I have ended up at a dataframe containing pair of indexes that are similar called ‘matches’. Now I just want to basically combine the data.

    # Indexation step
    indexer = recordlinkage.Index()
    candidate_links = indexer.index(df)

    # Comparison step
    compare_cl = recordlinkage.Compare()
    compare_cl.string('fName', 'fName', method='jarowinkler', threshold=threshold, label='full_name')

    features = compare_cl.compute(candidate_links, df)

    # Classification step
    matches = features[features.sum(axis=1) >= 1]

This is how matches looks:

index1   index2          fName
0           1             1.0
2           3             1.0

I need someone to suggest a way to combine the similar rows in a way that takes data from similar rows

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