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I have set up custom tags in Thunderbird, and corresponding filters, so that email arriving in my inbox is filtered based on sender, and tagged with corresponding tag. In my inbox, this than appears as differently colored emails. So far so good.

This works nicely, but I have realized that I don’t actually want to have differently colored emails in my inbox. I would like the tag color to have effect only for new (unread) email. Once the email has been read, it should not be colored differently.

Let’s say, currently I have red and blue tags.

Normally, new emails are in bold font. Normal emails are bold white, emails tagged with red are bold red, and so on. After I have read email (ie, clicked on it), the bold disappears.

I would like the tag color to disappear as well.

So that, in effect, all new emails are bold (same as now), and only new emails are actually colored differently, based on tag. So, all emails that are read, should all look the same.

I know how to make all new emails bold red:

#threadTree treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(unread), treechildren::-moz-tree-cell- 
text(hasUnreadMessages-true) {
    font-weight: bold !important;
    color: red !important;

I also know how to change the color of a given tag:

treechildren::-moz-tree-row(Tred, selected) {
    background-color: #ff0000 !important;
    color: white !important;
treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(Tred, selected) {
    background-color: #ff0000 !important;
    color: white !important;

but I don’t know how to achieve what I have described above.

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