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I have created a script that deletes a file and updates some advanced auditing settings using auditpol. However, whenever the computer gets reset, those auditpol changes get reset as well. Is there any way of preventing this? What could cause that to happen? After doing some extensive research, most if not all answers I found went down the path of deleting some audit.csv files in the system path which has some unintended consequences for me. Generally speaking, those deletions completely removed all of the auditpol settings all together. The main post that my search always led back to is here.

All I want is for my auditpol settings to persists. Otherwise, I will have to write a script to automatically apply those settings after every reboot which I certainly don’t want to have to do.

Another common fix to these types of problems I have seen is ensuring the registry setting to force advanced audit settings to override the legacy ones is enabled which it is. I don’t have any problems actually changing the advanced audit policy, just having it actually remain after rebooting

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