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This has been asked before: How I can make new pop up windows to appear in the same desktop of their app?, but it was for a different WM, and there are no answers. Maybe there is an answer for KDE?

I am using virtual desktops to organize things. I want different desktops to be different environments that don’t interfere with each other.

However, when an application, in a desktop I’m not currently in, opens a new window, it will be created in my current desktop. This is usually annoying (unless I’m not doing any interactive work), and it always breaks the order I’m trying to keep.

I have tried the "Special window settings" option, but it seems that there are only two general options –

  1. Force a window (configurable class etc.) to always appear on a specific desktop (which is not what I want) – there are details of when and how but no way to say "the window of the creating app"
  2. Not forcing at all – in which case, new windows will appear on the current desktop, which is what I have now.

What I want, and can’t find, is simply a way to make new windows appear in the same desktop as the application (window? process?) that created them.

I’m using KDE 4.3.5, and I only have user privileges. The application in question is usually (but not always) Matlab.

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