#StackBounty: #thunderbird #spell-checking Thunderbird spellcheck does not mark some misspellings

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When using spellcheck in Thunderbird, I can add a word into custom dictionary, so that Thunderbird does not consider it as misspelling next time.

But how can I do the opposite?

For some reason, Thunderbird believes that "thew" is an English word, and does not mark it as misspelling (underline) it.

"thew" is quite frequent misspelling in my case when I type "the".
I checked Cambridge dictionary, and "thew" is not a real word in English.

Why does Thunderbird not correct it?
How can I fix this ?

I am using Thunderbird 68 on Debian 10.

I am not sure whether Thunderbird uses aspell or hunspell. I have both installed.
How can I check which spellcheck library I am actually using?

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