#StackBounty: #r #confidence-interval #growth-model #logistic-curve Confidence Intervals for the Parameters of a Logistic Growth Curve

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I’m using the growthcurver library to estimate the parameters from some bacterial growth curves. It fits a logistic equation of the following form:

enter image description here

This returns values for K, N0 and r in that equation, along with standard errors. I would like, ideally, to turn those into 95% confidence intervals.

Are these in the sort of standard estimate +/- 1.96*se form, or do they need any transformation (ala the coefficients and standard errors in logistic regression model). My suspicion is no, but I want to verify that.

So for example, with an r of 1.119 and an se of 0.015, is the 95% confidence interval (1.09,1.15)?

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