#StackBounty: #classification #image-processing What are some ways to measure the width of desert roads in satellite images?

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I’m interested to know what sort of software and/or concepts should I learn to be be able to get a computer to recognize desert roads in a satellite image and measure for example their average widths. This satellite is an example of what sort of images I intend to use.

enter image description here

I’m relatively fluent in python (to the extent of object oriented programming and django web development) and have used python to do basic machine learning tasks. I also am familiar with QGIS. I have no idea if the goal I am trying to achieve will require knowledge within these two skills and so that is why I need some guidance on what sort of direction I would have to go to achieve this if this is even possible yet (I have no idea whether it is or isn’t).

If you think this question belongs in another site of stack exchange, please redirect me to where as I understand this can be quite a general question involving both geography and possibly machine learning.

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