#StackBounty: #boot #20.04 #encryption #fstab #cryptsetup cryptsetup: waiting for encrypted source device /swapfile, fstab empty

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On the bootscreen I get the message:

cryptsetup: waiting for encrypted source device /swapfile...

which then leaves me hanging for about 2 minutes followed by

Initramfs unpacking failed: Decoding failed.

I then get dropped to Initramfs.

This is on Ubuntu 20.04 with an encrypted home folder. I got the error after switching back to the nouveau driver in order to install cuda-10 (it was complaining about nvidia driver already being in use)

Other suggestions involve doing something with /etc/crypttab, but that file doesn’t exist on my system. cat /etc/fstab also shows an empty file. Some reading suggests that in that case it would be using default settings but if so how does it know what disk should be used as a swapspace? Or is there something I can do with a live usb?

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