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I have been given an account on a Windows file server. The (to me) very strange situation is that

  • I can connect with smbclient, change to the (deep) subdirectory or show its content
  • I can mount the share (no error message; mount point is in /proc/mounts) but I cannot change to the same path or list its contents. I get No such file or directory.

I have neither "display content" nor "change into" permission for the lower level subdirectories. That should not be a problem and it is not for smbclient.

The Windows admin has given my user additional permissions so that I can now see contents of the moint point. And now I can reach the deeper level subdirectories via the mount, too.

We have not determined yet what the minimal set of Windows permissions is which we need for this to work in the current configuration. However, the problem must be on the Linux side anyway.

  • What are the differences between the ways how smbclient and mount.cifs access a Windows share?
  • How can mount.cifs be made to behave like smbclient?

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