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I have two functions tex#PDFOpen() and tex#PDFClose() to automatically open and close the pdf file created by a TeX document.

The way I assign them to autocommands is via the following autogroup in ~/.config/nvim/ftplugin/tex.vim

augroup TeXGroup
  autocmd BufEnter <buffer> call tex#PDFOpen()
  autocmd BufUnload <buffer> call tex#PDFClose()
augroup END

Now if I open a .tex file tex#PDFOpen() is called, but if edit another buffer with :e ..., then tex#PDFClose() is called, which I don’t want. If I switch back to the buffer with the .tex file, tex#PDFOpen() is called again, which I also don’t want.

Basically, tex#PDFOpen() should only be called

  1. on startup, if the argument of nvim is a .tex file;
  2. when editing a .tex file in a new buffer.

Similarly, tex#PDFClose() should only be called

  1. on exit, if one of the buffers contains a .tex file;
  2. when closing a buffer with a .tex file with :bd.

I’ve tried every event listed here, but none of them have worked.

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