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Our Magento 2 (Magento Commerce Inc. Magento ver. 2.3.4-p2). Was previosuly integrated with Royal Mail Click and Drop and our orders on Magento migrated automatically to Click and Drop.

We have recently had to move over to Sucuri and as a result the Magento 2 instance will no longer integrate with Click and drop. I have included a screenshot below to show the problem.

enter image description here

We have whitelisted all the necessary i.p. addresses on both the firewall and the server but the problem persists. When we contacted our firewall provider they gave the following response.

The Sucuri Firewall is a Web Application Firewall that serves the by
what is considered a reverse-proxy.

The flow of traffic now looks like this:

User ===> Firewall ===> Hosting Server

Given this new info from Royal Mail, I’d recommend to review the
integration settings and ensure that Royal Mail is referencing your
hosting server via IP address xx.xxx.xxx.xxx, as opposed to the
Firewall IP address yyy.yyy.yyy.yy.

Having sent this to Royal Mail, they responded with the following:

We wouldn’t be able to connect directly to your IP, as we currently
use URL’s to integrate with, you will need to investigate and address
this at you end to allow us to see the right IP. Please accept my
apologies that we are unable to assist further with this.

Has anyone else run across this issue and is there a solution that will allow us to use Click and Drop with the new firewall?

Update – 06 July 2020

Royal Mail and SUCURI have finally gotten back to us and suggested setting up a subdomain and having click and drop integrate through that.

We’ve set up a subdomain which redirects to the original i.p. but we aren’t sure how to get the integrations to use the new domain.

If anyone has any ideas about this we’d appreciate it.

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