#StackBounty: #nestjs Nestjs passport authentication with multiple strategies

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I have multiple authentication strategies, example for one of them:

export class EmployeeStrategy extends PassportStrategy(Strategy, 'employee') {
    private authService: AuthService,
    configService: ConfigType<typeof appConfig>,
  ) {
      jwtFromRequest: ExtractJwt.fromAuthHeaderAsBearerToken(),
      secretOrKey: configService.EMPLOYEE_KEY,

  async validate({ phone }: JwtPayload) {
    const employee = await this.authService.authByRole(phone, Role.Employee);

    if (!employee) {
      throw new UnauthorizedException('insufficient scope');

    return employee;

And some others mostly like this one. But because i throw unauthorized exception inside it, i cannot use multiple of them at the same route/controller. E.g.

  @UseGuards(AuthGuard(['employee', 'admin']))

The first one that crashes leading to error. How to solve that problem?

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