#StackBounty: #proxy #monitoring #haproxy #response-time haproxy, is it impossible to monitor the http total request time?

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using haproxy HTTP logs with http-server-close of keep-alives the time counters in the logs (TR, Tt…) are based on the beginning of the TCP connection. Which means only the first request, with cookie status *NI (–NI) has timers corresponding to the time the HTTP request took.

The following ones will be from the beginning of the TCP connection (idles times + preceding request times).

Is there a way to bypass this haproxy behaviour without turning keepalive or http-server-close off, or am I forced to change this configuration, or to add a proxy in front of haproxy..?

In the end is there a way to get the total response time for an HTTP request, and not the time since the beginning of the TCP ?

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