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I’d like to successfully run the code below (belonging to this library) when any of the buttons from this Rating Dialog are pressed. How can I do it?

  public void goToPickerActivity() {
    Intent intent = new com.sucho.placepicker.PlacePicker.IntentBuilder()
            .onlyCoordinates(true) //Get only Coordinates from Place Picker
            .setLatLong(40.71274, -74.005974)  // Initial Latitude and Longitude the Map will load into (NYC coordinates)
            .setMapZoom(2.5f)  // Map Zoom Level. Default: 14.0

    startActivityForResult(intent, Constants.PLACE_PICKER_REQUEST);

Edit: I want to execute goToPickerActivity() first and then execute the library’s intended click code. For example, when Rate App button is clicked:

Step 1 is: execute goToPickerActivity().

Once that’s complete, Step 2 is: run the usual Rate App clicked code.

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