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Is it possible to save entire timeline with recommendations into RSS Feed?

The information in the example below with red markings on it, is what I am after.
Since from what I have found so far, I am only able to retrieve information from my timeline, without twitters recommendations. ( my own tweets, retweets, or likes) I want to archive everything if at all possible.

Alternatives that I have thought of, if this is not possible.

Individually, capture all information of each user that I follow ( their tweets, retweets, and likes)
It would be tedious, but it would be one way.

I do know that their are rate limits.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Sources that I have tried without success

Converts Twitter to RSS Feed

twarc is a command line tool and Python library for archiving Twitter JSON data

Twitter timeline

Example of My Timeline

Twitter Timeline Save Recommendation
Twitter Timeline Save Recommendation

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