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I know there is a hosts file that allows me to block entire domains. blockthissite.net
::      blockthssite.net

I’d like to block particular elements for a website.

I can do this today with one of a variety of ad blocking tools, like uBlock Origin. It will only work on the browser that I set up the rule with for the ad blocking tool and, even then, it’s really easy for someone to get around the rule by disabling the extension.

Is there a hosts file or something more system-wide that I can do to block HTML elements on my Mac?

For instance, I’d like to block the footer page on this popular website from every browser.


I’d like to administer this across an individual computer. I have a pi hole, but that only works with domains and doesn’t have information on the html elements. For why is this a concern, I’d like to consistently block some html elements across browsers

editor’s note: This question was closed in an earlier thread, and then the person who closed it failed to provide a reason or a remedy to make the question better. I did my best to provide the details they were seeking, but it’s impossible for me to know for sure because they failed to engage in dialog. I let them know that I would repost this question in the comments.

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