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I have multiple domains on a server and Exim4 has been delivering mail to users for years without issues. Over the 4th of July weekend it started rejecting email to one user. This user has multiple email addresses e.g. FirstNameLastname, FirstInitialLastName, ect. It rejects all of them.

However, if I redirect the email to another server it redirects fine. If I redirect it to my account on that domain it works fine.

The reject message in the logs is not enlightening:

 rejected RCPT <dan...

My first thought was that permissions got changed on the account but they are the same as all the others. I did change them to 777 for cur and new but that didn’t work. They have a lot of subfolders but the total size is only 3.1M and the server has plenty of space so I don’t think it is a size issue.

Since literally nothing has changed since last week I am at a loss as to what is causing the issue.

Update: I tried sending an email using the command line directly from the server in case Charter was doing weird things and get the same error.

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