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I have been hitting dead ends when trying to pull SharePoint List data into SQL Server.
The goal is to query the data so I am able to use it in a Tableau dashboard. The reason we have to do it this was is a 2 fold problem.

1st. The Tableau connection works but one of the columns is returning all null values instead of the double that is in that column.

2nd. I was able to pull this data in to MS Access and then to Tableau but this will not work from an automation standpoint so we need this data to be pulled into our SQL Server daily via a job.

I can manage all the automation once the connection is made but I cannot find a way to connect a list to my SQL Server.

I have tried everything online to fix this issue. OData connection, Stored procedure that does not appear to exist for SSIS connection it as a linked server. All ideas have failed.

Does anyone know a working way to pull data from SharePoint into SQL Server?

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