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The new version of Linux Mint 20 has been announced and along with it a tutorial to help us in the migration process.

I followed the steps described there until D2. Check the upgrade where I executed mintupgrade check and the output seems fine to me.

Now, when I check all of the other steps (before starting the actual upgrade), I see there is a step D6. Delete foreign packages which says:

With the exception of packages you installed yourself (from 3rd party sources), select all foreign packages and click "Remove".

When I check all of the foreign packages installed (from "Menu -> Administration -> Software Sources -> Maintenance -> Remove Foreign Packages") I see there are a LOT of them.

I’m able to recognize some of these packages, but I’m not sure about most of them.


What are the implications of not doing this step?

Related, What if I remove accidentally a package that is needed by some app later on? Can I recover it? (I guess so, but I’m not sure if it is safe to do so)

What may be the best way to approach this step?

PS: I’m an intermediate experienced Linux user.

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