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I would like to build a model that predicts a month label $mathbf{y}$ from a given set of features $mathbf{X}$. Data structure is as follows.

  • $mathbf{X} : N_{samples} times N_{features}$.
  • $mathbf{y}: N_{samples} times 1$, which has range of $1,2,cdots,12$.

I may find it more helpful to have output as predicted probability of each labels, since I would like to make use of the prediction uncertainty. I may try any multi-class algorithms to build such model. Actually, I tried some of scikit-learn’s multiclass algorithms.

However, I found out that none of them very useful, due to the following problem that I face.

Problem : I cannot make use of class similarity

By class similarity, I mean the similar characteristics that temporally adjacent months generally share. Most algorithms do not provide any ways to make use of such prior knowledge. In other words, they miss the following requirements:

It is quite okay to predict January(1) for February(2), but very undesirable to predict August(8) for February(2)

For instance, I may try multi-layer perceptron classifier(MLP) to build a model. However, algorithms such as MLP are optimized for problems such as classification of hand-written digits. In these problems, predicting 1 for 2 is equally undesirable to predicting 8 for 2.

In other words, most algorithms are agnostic to the relative similarity across labels. If a classifier could exploit such class similarity as a prior knowledge, it may perform much better. If I were to force such prior in the form of distribution, I may choose cosine-shaped distribution across months.

Some may suggest some algorithms that are based on linear regression, such as all-or-rest logistic regression. However, since months have wrap-around properties, such regression models may not work well. For instance, assuming $mathbf{y}$ as continuous variable may miss that January(1) and December(12) are actually very similar.


As a beginner to machine learning, I am not very familiar with available algorithms. Any help, including ideas about my problem or recommendations of related papers, threads, or websites, will be welcomed.

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