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I have code below to add the data into elastic search

from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
es = Elasticsearch()
r = [{'Name': 'Dr. Christopher DeSimone', 'Specialised and Location': 'Health'},
 {'Name': 'Dr. Tajwar Aamir (Aamir)', 'Specialised and Location': 'Health'},
 {'Name': 'Dr. Bernard M. Aaron', 'Specialised and Location': 'Health'}]
es.indices.create(index='my-index_1', ignore=400)

for e in enumerate(r):
    #es.indices.update(index="my-index_1", body=e[1])
    es.index(index="my-index_1", body=e[1])

#Retrieve the data
es.search(index = 'my-index_1')['hits']['hits']

How to update the document

r = [{'Name': 'Dr. Messi', 'Specialised and Location': 'Health'},
     {'Name': 'Dr. Christiano', 'Specialised and Location': 'Health'},
     {'Name': 'Dr. Bernard M. Aaron', 'Specialised and Location': 'Health'}]

Here Dr. Messi, Dr. Christiano has to update the index and Dr. Bernard M. Aaron should not update as it is already present in the index

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