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I have this generic gamepad controller Ipega PG-9068 connected to a Windows 10 PC. The device was detected and functioning normally via Bluetooth. After disconnecting and reconnecting it, the gamepad ‘flag’ is not applying to the device again.

It is not a device issue. It works normally in another PC.

No driver is provided by the manufacturer. It is plug and play, no driver needed.

So, although the device gets connected via Bluetooth and recognized, the calibration button won’t be enabled.

enter image description here

The computer has already been restarted, the Bluetooth device has already been removed and added again. No "update drivers" applies here because it is a generic device that works on any other computer.

Now, how can I get Windows to recognize it as a gamepad again and allow it to be calibrated?


  • Windows 10 v1809 build 17763.864
  • USB 3.0 Bluetooth dongle 4.0
  • Only 1 Bluetooth device

enter image description here

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