#StackBounty: #macos #google-chrome #google-chrome-extensions How do I enforce settings for an extension in chrome using mac?

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I’d like to enforce settings for an extension called uBlacklist. I want to make sure that every instance of Chrome on my computer has the same settings.

I’d like to edit it’s settings, specifically adding this value to the blocklist *://acme.com/* and making sure the extension is on for regular browsing and in cognito browsing.

It appears that I can set Chrome-level settings for the extensions with the ExtensionSettings policy, but I don’t see options for this extension-specific settings.

Can I either set the settings with the policies file or block the extension settings url after I’ve set the settings (chrome-extension://pncfbmialoiaghdehhbnbhkkgmjanfhe/options.html) along with preventing disabling in in cognito?

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