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I need to update the firmware of a Thinkpad Ultra Docking Station to V3.3.1, which has been released last year. I got no laptop running Windows 7/8/10 and Lenovo does not provide this update via LVFS, but only as an .exe file.

Is it possible to flash the firmware update onto the dock under Linux? Or does somebody know another way to update the dock’s firmware?

A few approaches I am considering:

  • Maybe I could create a Windows 10 USB recovery drive, boot it, fire up a shell and then install the update.
  • Another option would be to create a Windows Preinstallation Environment (PE), flash it to an USB drive, boot it and then run the update. However, all tutorials I found on how to create a PE seem to be outdated.
  • Inside a VirtualBox VM I have a Windows 10 Pro 2004 running. Maybe it is somehow possible to pass-through the dock to this VM to flash the update?
  • I have not tried, but am 99.9999% sure that any approach based on WINE will not work.

What I already tried so far:

  • Leveraging the Windows 10 Pro 2004 VM’s "Recovery Media Creator" tool, I crafted an USB recovery drive, copied the firmware onto the USB drive and tried to run it, but unfortunately without success:
    Error message
    I also tried the "Firmware Update Tool for Enterprise Deploy" and followed the instructions for "Silent deployment in other environment" but ended up with the same error.

There are two threads over at the Lenovo forums regarding firmware updates of an older / another docking station, but neither of them with an accepted solution.

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