#StackBounty: #java #spring-data-jpa #pageable How to accept @OrderBy of JPA sort value as a dynamic parameter?

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I want to sort a nested collection property dynamically based on the query parameter sort.

Suppose i have an entity A as

class A{

private Set<B> bset;


class B{

private LocalDate datefield;
private C c;


class C
private Double quantity;


I am calling repository of A with findAll(Specification specification,Pageable page)

From UI, rest controller is called with sort param as below pattern


As it is a nested collection,the above sort is not working.
The sortable fields are datefield,quantity.

I know @OrderBy("bset.datefield") will work,but the parameter should be dynamic.

How can i achieve this when invoking find All on A repository ?

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