#StackBounty: #twrp #fastboot #redmi Not able to reach recovery or TWRP on Redmi 4A Only blank screen

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One week back I successfully unlocked,rooted,put TWRP and flashed LineageOS 17.1. Today morning i read [GUIDE] How to Create Custom Splash Screen (… | Xiaomi Mi 5. After following the link now the device is not recognised by ADB,Fastboot on attachment with usb cable or no System boot. Stuck on black blank screen. Long pressing of power key or any other combination of keys give a flash of a static screen. Googled to get disapointment.

P.S. After opening of device and googling some more now device is visible in Windows Device Manager as Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 900E. It is still not visible to adb or fastboot by adb devices or fastboot devices which was responding to same commands previously.

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