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When some program crashes and an automatically generated error report is sent as discussed here What happens when I click "Send" after Ubuntu experienced an internal error? then the error report is added to the info shown at https://errors.ubuntu.com/ where the most frequent errors are shown at the top of the list.

The rightmost column in the list at https://errors.ubuntu.com/ is "Bug report" and for most of the common errors there is a bug report number there, and by clicking on that we can see the status and discussion regarding that bug report, which is great. But for some of the most common errors, the "Bug report" column is empty.

To me it seems like there should be a corresponding bug report for each error, especially for those errors that have hundreds or thousands of occurrences per day. Should I create a bug report in case the "Bug report" column is empty?

If I do that, how can I make sure my bug report is properly linked to the error reports on the https://errors.ubuntu.com/ page?

Edit: as an example, consider the error "seahorse (seahorse) glib-watch.c β†’ 195 β†’ timeout_update β†’ Assertion `!t->dead” failed." that is currently listed at https://errors.ubuntu.com/ with Rank 9, with 225 occurrences during the past day. This particular error happens on my computer every few days, I usually choose to send an error report so I expect that my reports are then seen as additional occurrences of the error in that list. But there is no linked bug report, which makes me worry that developers of the seahorse package are still not aware of it. The same error has been occurring for more than a year, which also makes me think the developers are unaware of it, otherwise they would have done something about it by now. The question is then, what should be done to make sure there is a bug report what the developers become aware of? Note however that my question is mostly about how this is meant to work in general, this particular seahorse error is just an example, I’m interested in that case but even more interested in understanding how this works in general.

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