#StackBounty: #grub2 #nvidia #20.04 #grub-efi #nvidia-geforce Cannot install Ubuntu 20 on laptop with windows 10 and NVIDIA Geforce RTX…

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I have laptop with NVidia Geforce RTX 2080 and Windows 10 installed, and I would like to install second OS, latest Ubuntu 20, but I am not able.

Black Screen after launching Grub option "Ubuntu" or "Ubuntu (safe graphics)".

I have read a lot of articles and posts about problems with installing Ubuntu on laptops with NVidia card, all regarding Ubuntu versions up to 19, not the latest one (20). I know that I should turn off Fast Startup in Windows 10, to disable Fast Boot and Safe Boot on UEFI. I know that there are problems with Nvidia card’s Nouveau drivers and how to set "nomodeset" (nouveau.modeset=0). What is important, the latest Ubuntu version addresses this issue with new Grub option called "Ubuntu (safe graphics), where "nomodeset" is set by default.

But It does not help, Black Screen as usual, no any logs on screen.

Was anybody able to install latest Ubuntu 20 on laptop with NVIdia RTX card?

How to get logs from installation process to get known what is going wrong?

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